Sameer Exports is a manufacturing house for emeralds, and a leading wholesaler of polished as well as rough stones. Our experience in manufacturing is reflected in the product. We bring two generations of experience to the business, highlighting the importance of traditional manufacturing techniques and the evolution of new processes.
Our passion and work ethics are translated into our work environment and finally into our output.

Our in-house manufacturing creates a vital link between the miners and the customers. Personal visits to mines to procure rough, expertise in manufacturing, and the skilled lapidaries on the different levels of the supply chain contribute to making the finest emeralds.

At Sameer Exports, we aim to provide clients with the best Emeralds – taking care of origin, color, cut, carat, and clarity. We categorize our products into wholesale parcels and important pieces. Wholesale parcels are accurately assorted to meet the requirements of the customers. The finest collection of gems at Sameer exports is also certified from leading gem testing laboratories such as SSEF, GRS, and Gubelin.

We also supply rough stone for other gems such as Citrin, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Tourmaline, etc.
Sameer Exports is here to serve the finest quality gems so that the collection includes all that the customer might search for.